Club Rules

Member’s Rules

  • Member’s sign-in: All Members must bring his or her Club membership card or temporary membership card and sign the Member’s Book. Membership categories allow bringing guest including Associate, Ordinary, and Spouse.
  • Children, guests, and caregivers: Any children or guests, and/or primary or secondary caregivers who are not members must be signed in by the member responsible for them, as the staff of the Club needs to know who is on the premises at all times.
  • Barbecue and facilities registrations: Members must book Club barbecues with the Club staff and use the barbecue during the scheduled time. The same applies to the booking and use of other facilities at the Club premises.
  • Corkage: Members shall declare to the Club’s staff any bottle of wine or other alcoholic beverage including beer brought onto the premises and shall pay the appropriate corkage charge. Members are encouraged to buy wine, beer, soft drinks, and other beverages that are provided by the Club. A wine list is available on request.
  • Bottled water: Although the Club stocks bottled water for sale, it encourages the low-carbon practice of members using their own water bottles and maintains a tap with filtered water on the rear hard standing at the Deep Water Bay Clubhouse.
  • Pets: Dogs (except service dogs) and other pets are not allowed on Club premises (clubhouse, grounds and beach).
  • Personal property: Users of the Club are responsible for their own property while on Club premises. The Club will not accept responsibility for losses or damage of personal property.
  • Non-smoking policy: All areas of the Club are classified as non-smoking areas unless declared otherwise by the General Committee.
  • Use of mobile phones: Mobile phones must be switched to “silent mode” at all times while on the Club premises. However, as long as electronic devices remain in silent mode, members may use them at will. Electronic devices under this definition include mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, and other devices that have audio functions that may cause disturbance to other members.
  • Staff gratuities: The payment or giving of gifts or gratuities to individual members of the club’s staff and the purchase of drinks or other items for staff is prohibited.
  • Service areas: No member or guest shall enter service areas within the Club without the prior permission of Club management. Service areas are indicated by “Staff Only signage and include all food preparation areas, bar service areas, and storage rooms.
  • Daily accounts: All members, including visiting members and junior members, shall settle their accounts on a daily basis prior to departure from Club premises. The settlement is by means of Octopus Cards or EPS. Payment by cash is prohibited.
  • Storage of personal items: Members shall not store personal items except paddles and personal flotation devices (PFDs), which may be stored only in the barrels or designated storage areas within the boat storage facilities, including on member’s registered and paid storage racks, usually on top of stored boats and/or stand-up paddleboards.
  • Unsolicited donations of equipment, products, plants or other materials: Unsolicited donations of equipment, products or plants to the Club are welcome if useful to the Club, but the prior approval by the General Manager is required.
  • Uninvited alterations of Club premises of Club and member’s property: Members shall not alter or interfere with the Club or members or remove or dispose of Club property or amenities without the prior written approval of the General Committee or the General Manager. This rule covers trees, shrubs, rocks, and all-natural and man-made physical assets of the Club in both clubhouses and grounds.
  • No members shall use any portable audio or video devices or musical instruments on Club premises without the prior consent of the General Manager unless using personal headphones.
  • Parking at Emerald Bay: Members are required to display a VRC Parking Pass on their car windscreen for staff to check in case they need to contact the owner. Guests and visitors must reserve parking in advance with the General Manager at the Emerald Bay car park on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • Members are required to follow safety guidelines when using Club equipment.
  • If there is an accident on Club premises: Members should contact the senior staff member in charge and ask for first aid, and in an emergency, call Emergency Services, 999, for support. At Deep Water Bay, the nearest public hospitals are Queen Mary Hospital and Ruttonjee Hospital and the closest private hospital is Gleneagles. At Emerald Bay, Tseung Kwan O Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital in Shatin are the nearest public health facilities with emergency rooms.

Club by-laws

Articles of Association