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VRC Member Notifications

2021-03-12NoticeMembersVRC COVID RestrictionsEN / CN
2021-02-05NoticeMembersChairman's New Year LetterEN / CN
2020-11-16NoticeMembersImportant VRC Operational Changes - 16 November 2020EN / CN
2020-10-15NoticeMembers Urgent - Deep Water Bay Update EN / CN
2020-10-13NoticeMembers Club Closure EN / CN
2020-09-01NoticeMembers Message from The General Committee EN / CN
2020-08-19NoticeMembers Deep Water Bay Typhoon Report EN / CN
2020-08-17NoticeMembers Temporary Closure of All Club Sporting Facilities EN / CN
2020-08-13NoticeMembersHonorary Secretary's Letter after AGM 2020 EN
2020-08-11NoticeMembersTemporary Closure of All Club Sporting Facilities EN / CN
2020-08-07NoticeMembersAGM 2020 Cover Letter & Proxy Form & Ballot Form EN
2020-08-03NoticeMembersArticles of Association with Highlights EN
2020-08-03NoticeMembersArticles of Association EN
2020-08-03NoticeMembersAGM 2020 Letter to the Members EN
2020-07-31NoticeMembers2019 Treasurer's Report to VRC Members EN
2020-07-30NoticeMembersUrgent VRC Operational Changes - 30 July 2020EN / CN
2020-07-28NoticeMembersUrgent VRC Operational Changes - 28 July 2020EN / CN
2020-07-22NoticeMembersAGM Notice 2020EN
2020-07-21NoticeMembersVirus Update - 21 July 2020EN / CN
2020-07-14NoticeMembersUrgent VRC Operational ChangesEN / CN
2020-06-08NoticeMembersShark UpdateEN / CN
2020-06-05NoticeMembersWarning NoticeEN / CN
2020-03-24NoticeMembersUrgent VRC Operational ChangesEN / CN
2020-03-17NoticeMembersNew Club Restrictions and ProceduresEN / CN
2019-09-18NoticeMembersAGM & EGM 2019 MinutesEN
2019-09-10NoticeAGM & EGMChairman's Letter after AGMEN
2019-08-28NoticeAGM & EGMAGM & EGM 2019︱Election ReminderEN / CN
2019-08-28NoticeTown Hall MeetingTown Hall Meeting 2019 MinutesEN
2019-08-17NoticeMemberAGM and EGM Notice 2019EN / CN
2019-06-19NoticeMembersMembers Notice | Boat Storage Charge IncreaseEN / CN
2019-05-23NoticeMemberEGM Minutes May 2019EN
2019-02-19NoticeMemberReview of Sports Subvention Scheme – LCSDEN / CN
2019-01-16NoticeMemberMember's Notice | Boat Storage AuditEN / CN
2018-10-14NoticeMemberAGM Minutes 2018EN
2018-09-12NoticeMemberTyphoon PreparationEN / CN
2018-07-12NoticeMemberLetter from the chairman of the VRC | PRL issueEN / CN
2018-07-03NoticeMemberNew Reciprocal Agreement | Club de RecreioEN / CN